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✅ 3-part project with a dedicated team and solid upcoming roadmap and utility

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6666 NFTs

We will be minting a maximum of 6666 NFTs

Price per mint is 40 ADA

OGs and whitelisted members will get access to mint first

Maximum of 100 OGs

Public presale will commence after whitelisted have bought

OGs will be airdropped a special OG NFT


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NFT stands for 'non-fungible token'
A NFT is basically data that is accounted for in a digital ledger, and that data represents something specific and unique.
For example, NFTs represent a piece of art or a game token.

You will be able to buy an evil ape through our website on launch day. Mint simply means that you are the first person buying (creating) this NFT, after which you will receive a randomized ape (or legendary one if you are lucky). NFTs can be traded on jpg.store and cnft.io

Once we are ready for minting, there will be a minting section on the website. Over there, you will select how many apes you want to mint and press a button which will prompt a transaction in your wallet. After confirming the transaction you will receive your NFTs after transaction success.

One Evil Ape will cost 40 ADA to mint and there will be extra 2 ada mint fee.

You will be able to see your NFTs in your Nami wallet, on Pool,pm or either the jpg.store or cnft.io

After having your Evil Ape NFT, you will later on be able to stake it and earn passive income. Right after minting you will be able to list your NFT on jpg.store or cnft.io to sell!

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Get answers to frequently aasked questions


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